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Just your Friendly Neighborhood Weirdo! A Miserable Pile of Secrets/Pre-HRT TransFemale/NSFW Artist who LOVES Foxes/ Twitch Streamer/ Youtuber.
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Hey everybody! I know i dont really do alot of these updates but i figure i post one for the new year and let you all know what is going on with me.

First things first, I updated my commission prices by 1 dollar now so instead of 7 dollar increments, they are now in 8 dollar increments except for one thing and it is optional. Im adding colored outlines for 2 dollars extra. The colored outlines were something new I tried and fell in love with and you can see examples of them in my recent photos. However they are also very tedious to do because im trying to match colors with the flat colors to make it stand out enough to look decent enough which is why they are just a little bit more expensive. You can also see an example of it in my new price sheet right here : https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ladyfoxheart/commission-prices-2020

I felt that I had improved enough to update the sheet compared to the previous sheet where I still used the outline tool and not clipping the layers for a smoother color blend. I am still learning and i still think these prices are still reasonable but a dollar increase is the least i could add for the improvements so please understand.

Second off, for 2020 I didnt want to just only do Art and Twitch streams for income, I wanted to do something that can be a fun hobby and hope to hell it works out for income. My friend and I are planning on opening a Candleshop called [b][i]FoxHeart Candles.[/i][/b] I am working on a design atm but our goal is to cater towards the nerdy/geeky/popculture community with these candles and aim to be vendors to conventions, farmers markets, renaissance fairs etc. We also plan on selling them on a Etsy or some other site with better benefits. Right now our goal is to reach atleast 100 dollars so we can obtain the materials and start out test batches.

If you wish to help support us in our goals, please do consider donating to help fund the candleshop (and afford food/pay bills etc) or hire me for art commissions. I can do either SFW or NSFW, Email me at LadyFoxHeart@Gmail.com if you are interested in hiring me for artwork or even check out my patreon for exclusive NSFW artwork I have drawn and not shown anywhere else. 



Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a wonderful fantastic day.

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